Jeremy McNamara

When you watch Jeremy’s films you get the sense the people in them are happy to have him there. He’s not hiding behind a camera, he just happens to be holding one. It could be his background making skate films, where a trick is only as good as someone’s ability to capture it righteously. That type of shooting forges a connection between performer and director that goes beyond execution–it’s witnessing falls and failure, while staying ready for rises and redemption. Jeremy’s shot all kinds of characters since he was a kid, and has a remarkable eye for who and what makes a riveting story. It’s in the subjects, sure, but the details around them, the moments in between, and the motion that holds it all together. His work has already garnered 3x Vimeo Staff Picks, been shown in festivals, and compelled a lot of people to write to us saying, “I love Jeremy!” when we announced he’d signed to our roster last year.