Creative Development

Strategy. Identity. Design. Scripts. Messaging hierarchies. Headlines. Pre-roll to full features and every deliverable in between. Our creative department is ready to jump in wherever is the most beneficial on a given project. That could mean full rounds of concepting, or creative punch-ups along the way, or just acting as a sounding board at key inflection points. We play particularly nice with client-side internal teams and, yes, we love working with agencies too.


Avocados and Coconuts was born of expertise in, and love for, the art of production. We’re crazy like that. Because we have always believed that production really is an artform in and of itself–the art of problem solving. To that end, we bring a combination of skill, passion, and creativity to every project (along with our rolodex). We take pride in operating as a nimble, efficient, top-shelf team, forever able to move fast without sacrificing quality. With roots in travel production, we are at home shooting throughout the world, as well as in and around our real home of San Francisco.

Post & Finish

In our studio post-production is a collaborative process to be considered and utilized from the beginning, not something that just happens at the end. We have a seasoned post-team of editors and motion graphics artists, a strong network of regular freelancers who can be brought on for the projects that best suit their strengths and styles, and trusted partners in color, VFX, and music ready to go. And you haven’t lived until you’ve seen our project trackers.